Shopping centre design best practice

What does it take to create a shopping centre for the 21st century? How do we go about designing spaces that cater to the needs of a new generation of customers, born and raised in the era of online retail? Here are a few thoughts.
Principles of shopping centre design best practice
I’ve been involved in a lot of shopping centre projects over the years, such as Via Vallejo in Mexico City. I’m not an architect, but as a real estate investor I have a vested interest in understanding the principles behind shopping centre design best practice. And as an investor, the […]

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How current and future technologies impact bricks and mortar shopping centres

Real estate investment expert Miguel Sanchez Navarro Madero posted recently about the challenges that bricks and mortar retailers face from online. If you haven’t seen it, take a look here – it’s well worth a read. In that post, he outlined some of the very real issues facing physical stores in the coming years.

The rise of digital retailing is having a particularly powerful impact on shopping centres.
The future of shopping centres
Take the latest research from the experts at Credit Suisse. They predict that up to a quarter of US shopping malls will be gone in the next five years. So, […]

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The future of shopping centres

A recent article from the experts at AT Kearney makes for interesting reading – particularly for those of us in the retail real estate investment sector who are excited by rapid growth in mixed use developments. They suggest that there are still huge opportunities to be taken in the physical, bricks and mortar retail space – despite the growing power of online sales. Here’s what they have to say:

“Many observers of brick-and-mortar retail feel that shopping centres are crumbling at their foundations. But we believe that today’s world offers malls an opportunity to turn a new page. With swift and […]

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