Does ‘bricks and mortar’ retail real estate have a future?

Apocalyptic storylines are big business. There is something thrilling about the idea of everything dramatically changing (whether for better or worse), so it is no surprise that the idea of a ‘retail apocalypse’ has been a compelling narrative for some people. While many in the industry will say that much of this kind of talk is media hype, it is also clear that there are some seismic changes going on in the retail landscape.
The end of physical shops?
Taking one of the biggest retail markets, the US, as a quick example, it is worth reflecting that retailers announced well over 3,000 […]

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What to look out for in Mexican retail investment over the next 12 months

As a successful retail real estate expert, I’m often asked for my take on the overall retail environment in Mexico, and where I see the opportunities for investors in the future. And of course, I’m always happy to give it – with a few caveats.

The first is just a reminder of how perilous these kinds of predictive exercises can be – as the saying goes, past performance is no indicator of future performance, and I don’t think it is ever that wise to make too many bold predictions about the potential in a particular sector.

Secondly, the world we live in […]

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