Future-proof your real estate portfolio

We all share a sense that the world we live in at the moment is an uncertain one.

Take the prediction from the experts at Absolute Strategy Research, that there is a 45 per cent chance of a global recession in the next 12 months.

Or, the projections from the US National Academy of Sciences that suggest that we might see sea level rises of 2 metres by 2100, potentially displacing hundreds of millions of people. Or, Pew’s projections that the global population will rapidly grow to a staggering 10.9 billion by 2100.

These are just a sample of the kinds of predictions […]

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Selling real estate at the right time

In my experience, success in real estate investment often comes down to two very basic things: knowing when to buy, and knowing the best time to sell real estate. In fact, it is a decision that is at the heart of every kind of investment strategy. As markets rise and fall, timing is everything. But knowing when to hold on to a piece of real estate – and when to get rid of it – is a fine art.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share just a few thoughts on how I think about this challenge. Of course, much […]

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Beyond Mexico City: Where to invest next in real estate in Mexico

For many people, their interest in real estate investment in Mexico often begins and ends with Mexico City. This isn’t surprising, given the scale and potential of the capital city. And yet it is also a huge missed opportunity for investors, according to real estate investment expert Miguel Sánchez Navarro Madero.

“Mexico City quite rightly gets a lot of attention from real estate investors,” Miguel tells us. “There are an enormous range of options there for any real estate investor. Whether you are interested in investing in a shopping mall or a residential block, you’ll find it in Mexico City.

“With 20 […]

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The biggest factors that can affect real estate value

It is one of the hardest aspects of real estate investment to master: how exactly do you assess the true value of a property or a piece of land? There are a huge number of different factors that can influence the value of real estate – so which ones should we focus on and attempt to assess? Here are my thoughts on just a few.
Demographics matter
One of the biggest stories in the Mexican real estate market in recent years has been the effect of the increasing numbers of young people within the population. Almost half of our population is now […]

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Why taking a more sustainable approach to developments is set to transform Mexican real estate

Taking a more sustainable and environmentally sensitive approach to real estate development is a growing trend, not just in Mexico, but of course around the world as well. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the very real, very practical consequences of climate change, and of humankind’s direct impact on the natural environment.

And clearly, as real estate investors, we have a important role to play in this process. By working alongside innovative and forward thinking developers, we are in a position to be able to take an approach to real estate development that takes into account the needs of the […]

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How understanding how real estate markets are classified can help your investment strategy

As anyone who has been involved in the real estate investment sector for any length of time will probably tell you, it can be a complex and sometimes confusing industry to try to understand.

This can be particularly the case if you are a foreign investor – for example someone who is looking to negotiate the local complexities of a market like Mexico’s. There are many different housing sectors to assess and, on top of this, challenges that include everything from understanding unique legal requirements such as fideicomiso through to finding a local real estate agent you trust.
Classifying the markets
But there […]

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What will be the next big disruptor in the real estate industry?

As a successful real estate investor over many years, I have always been fascinated by the idea of ‘disruptors’ – not just in real estate, but across the whole of the global economy. It feels as if many sectors have experienced changes in recent years that have been truly transformative, and these kinds of dramatic, game changing dynamics should, I believe, be of huge interest to anyone who is trying to predict the future direction of the markets. But before we look at potential disruptors in the real estate market, it is probably worth exploring exactly what mean by the […]

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A guide to buying seafront properties in Mexico

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a potential real estate investment, I never hesitate to suggest a seafront property in Mexico. I’ve spoken here before about the opportunities that are available right across the country, and why I think it offers such a great range of options for all kinds of investors, whatever their interests. In recent years the country has made it so much more straightforward for foreign investors to buy into the Mexican real estate market, across all sectors – and today properties in popular coastal areas such as Playa del Carmen have become hugely valuable.
The natural choice […]

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Does ‘bricks and mortar’ retail real estate have a future?

Apocalyptic storylines are big business. There is something thrilling about the idea of everything dramatically changing (whether for better or worse), so it is no surprise that the idea of a ‘retail apocalypse’ has been a compelling narrative for some people. While many in the industry will say that much of this kind of talk is media hype, it is also clear that there are some seismic changes going on in the retail landscape.
The end of physical shops?
Taking one of the biggest retail markets, the US, as a quick example, it is worth reflecting that retailers announced well over 3,000 […]

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How might AI and VR change real estate investment?

We are living through arguably one of the most fascinating revolutions in human history – one of those points where everything shifts dramatically forward in a way that has deep and far reaching consequences for everyone. The revolution I’m talking about, of course, is the one that we are experiencing thanks to the huge advances we’re seeing in technology.
A world transformed
Technology is enabling us to communicate, collaborate and innovate on a scale that is unprecedented and would have been unthinkable even a decade or so ago. Today, global teams can work quickly and seamlessly together thanks to the advances in […]

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