The five golden rules of people management

People management is one of the principal skills that any leader needs to have. And yet it is also one of the most difficult to master. People are far more complex and unpredictable than almost anything else we deal with in business. Their behaviour is hard to influence, and even harder to predict and plan for.

And as leaders, we all need to work hard on maintaining our people management skills too. Being a good people manager isn’t about learning a few tried and tested methods, and then just sticking to them. It is about continual development. It’s about having the […]

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How to develop your strategy to become a thought leader

Thought leadership is a term that many of you will be familiar with. It seems that everywhere we look, someone is now promoting themselves as a thought leader in their particular sector.

As long as there have been experts in anything, there have been thought leaders. And more recently, the concept of thought leadership has increased in importance – especially with the growth of content marketing. There’s a great examination of how these two ideas work together, here. Today, attempting to become a thought leader in a particular area is now recognised as a valid strategy for building your own personal […]

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What does being a leader mean in the 21st century?

It won’t have escaped your attention that we live in dramatically changing times. In almost every aspect of our lives, it feels as if there are fundamental transformations taking place.

Change is the only constant. We are seeing a breakdown in traditional trade and political relationships globally. We’re seeing the subsequent uncertainty in the financial markets as they react to this new environment.

And then of course there is the greatest disruptor of all – technology – which is transforming almost every aspect of our lives. From the opportunities of AI to cloud technology, tech in all its forms has a huge […]

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How to make the most effective use of your time

In the modern business world we have a huge number of demands on our time. When we are not holding meetings, we’re arranging them, when we’re not reading emails, we’re writing them. We have instant, almost unlimited access to information, and our curious minds find it almost impossible to resist the temptation to absorb more.

It seems that the transformative effect that technology in particular has had on the way we work has ultimately done little to ease the burden of the many different things demanding our attention on a daily basis. Instead, it has simply increased the number of opportunities […]

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How to turn an opportunity into a deal

I’ve always firmly believed that the world is full of potential business opportunities. For me, it’s an attitude that I take into every aspect of my working life – an approach that means I’m always on the look out for the next chance to invest. And these opportunities, more often than not, come about because of relationships. They might start with an informal conversation outside a meeting room, or after a quick chat in a hotel foyer with a friend of a friend.

It is the way that business often works – opportunities come up when you’re least expecting them, and […]

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The importance of relationships in business

If there is one overarching truth that I have learned over my many years in business, it’s that business is all about relationships. A quick note here – the old idea that it’s ‘not what you know, it’s who you know’ is, I think, a very narrow and unhelpful definition of what relationships and relationship building means in modern business. That phrase reeks of ‘old boy’s clubs’, exclusivity and cronyism. And that for me is the complete opposite of what business should be about.

It also distracts from the bigger truth – again, that it is healthy, constructive, mutually beneficial relationships […]

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The art of deal making

Of course, I love striking deals – after all, I wouldn’t be in the real estate investment industry if I didn’t. And over the years I’ve been involved in many, many different kinds of negotiations – some complex, some relatively straightforward. There have been a lot that I’ve been pleased with, while there are others that, on reflection, I perhaps could have improved on.

But whatever their outcome, I’ve always tried to learn from both my successes and my mistakes. For me, it’s a process of then trying to take those lessons into the next negotiation I go into, and of […]

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Building the perfect team – why a mix of experience and fresh ideas is critical

I’ve worked with a lot of different teams over the years. Some good, some bad, some indifferent – but every single one of them has provided me with a valuable experience that has added to my understanding of just what it is that makes teams work, or not. In the light of this, I’d hesitate to say that creating the perfect team is possible, primarily because I think there is no such thing – at least not in the sense of a single, ideal group of people who can tackle any project. I think that most business people would probably […]

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