Why Mexico’s young people are the key to its success

In Mexico’s recent economic history – in good times and in bad (of which there have been plenty) – there has been one constant and encouraging factor. I’ve spoken here before about the positive demographic trends that Mexico is experiencing, with a growing, young and dynamic group of people who I believe are the key to the country’s future growth. Almost half of its population is 25 or younger, and their dynamism and potential has, for me, been a constant cause for optimism – through changes in government and in economic fortune, the young people of Mexico have provided the […]

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Which sectors of the Mexican real estate market are showing the most potential?

Over the years, experience has shown that the Mexican real estate market can be a complex and sometimes unpredictable environment. But the current outlook for potential investors is excellent, with a diverse range of opportunities right across the board.
Fundamental reforms
There are a number of factors behind this. In the last decade or so, Mexico has experienced a huge change in its real estate industry, both in regulatory and economic terms. This has transformed the landscape for both foreign and domestic investors: these changes have come in the form of new regulations encouraging foreign investment, an increasing number of small and […]

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