What to look out for in Mexican retail investment over the next 12 months

As a successful retail real estate expert, I’m often asked for my take on the overall retail environment in Mexico, and where I see the opportunities for investors in the future. And of course, I’m always happy to give it – with a few caveats.

The first is just a reminder of how perilous these kinds of predictive exercises can be – as the saying goes, past performance is no indicator of future performance, and I don’t think it is ever that wise to make too many bold predictions about the potential in a particular sector.

Secondly, the world we live in […]

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Can crypto-currencies transform real estate investment?

Here, Miguel Sánchez Navarro Madero looks at how technology has dramatically impacted one area – finance – and the implications these revolutionary changes have for the real estate investment industry.

In recent times, we’ve become used to the idea of the transformative power of technology. Of course, technology has always transformed the ways in which humans interact with each other, and with the world around them, but the pace of change today feels particularly quick.

In every area and aspect of our day-to-day lives, technology is present – powerfully shaping almost everything we do. And of course, this applies almost more than […]

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How Mexico is leading the way in eco-friendly investment opportunities

As an industry, the real estate sector has the potential to have a huge impact on both the natural and human environments. It’s an aspect of this business that I am extremely passionate about – not least because Mexico is so rich in precious resources, both human and environmental.
A dynamic future ahead
The country has some of the most beautiful natural environments on the planet. And a youthful, dynamic and talented population, many of whom are keen to make the most of Mexico’s opportunities in a responsible, sustainable way. As a real estate investor, this has always been one of the […]

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How big data is transforming real estate investment strategies

One thing to be clear about from the start – investing in general, and real estate investment in particular, has always relied on data to develop effective strategies. At least, any financial professional who has any sense will do it.

Before committing their money, most people will perform the due diligence of looking at past trends in the market they’re considering investing in, assessing how robust the underlying structures of the stocks or the project they’re looking at are and making an informed decision on what they think will happen next.

Real estate investors will look at the performance of similar projects […]

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Building the perfect team – why a mix of experience and fresh ideas is critical

I’ve worked with a lot of different teams over the years. Some good, some bad, some indifferent – but every single one of them has provided me with a valuable experience that has added to my understanding of just what it is that makes teams work, or not. In the light of this, I’d hesitate to say that creating the perfect team is possible, primarily because I think there is no such thing – at least not in the sense of a single, ideal group of people who can tackle any project. I think that most business people would probably […]

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Which sectors of the Mexican real estate market are showing the most potential?

Over the years, experience has shown that the Mexican real estate market can be a complex and sometimes unpredictable environment. But the current outlook for potential investors is excellent, with a diverse range of opportunities right across the board.
Fundamental reforms
There are a number of factors behind this. In the last decade or so, Mexico has experienced a huge change in its real estate industry, both in regulatory and economic terms. This has transformed the landscape for both foreign and domestic investors: these changes have come in the form of new regulations encouraging foreign investment, an increasing number of small and […]

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The art and science of spotting investment opportunities

As a successful entrepreneur, I’m often asked about how I identify potential investment opportunities. The truth is that much of how I assess investments comes down to business experience and having instinct about people and the opportunities they’re offering.

I’m incredibly proud of the many projects that I’ve been involved in over the years, from the magnificent Vía Vallejo Park shopping centre in Mexico City to the many car dealerships I’ve helped to create for some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Working with many different kinds of people on challenging and complex pieces of work has brought me a lot of […]

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