How to turn an opportunity into a deal

I’ve always firmly believed that the world is full of potential business opportunities. For me, it’s an attitude that I take into every aspect of my working life – an approach that means I’m always on the look out for the next chance to invest. And these opportunities, more often than not, come about because of relationships. They might start with an informal conversation outside a meeting room, or after a quick chat in a hotel foyer with a friend of a friend.

It is the way that business often works – opportunities come up when you’re least expecting them, and […]

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An investor’s guide to property in Mexico City

Any kind of attempt to give an overview of the real estate market in Mexico City has to start with a large caveat: the place is huge. Of course, definitions of what constitutes the limits of the city vary, but by most accounts Mexico City is one of the largest concentrations of people and buildings on the planet – making it an incredibly rich and varied market for potential investors. But this richness also means it is difficult to draw hard and fast conclusions about real estate in a city that is so dynamic and diverse. What is true of […]

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Beyond Mexico – new opportunities for real estate investment

Working with my business partners, Mexico has presented me with many fantastic real estate investment opportunities over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to work with many talented people in a variety of sectors, helping to develop ambitious retail projects such as Via Vallejo Park in Mexico City through to operating highly successful car agencies such as Chevrolet Taxqueña and BMW Autobahn Interlomas.

So, Mexico has been the core of much of my real estate investment business during my career – but I thought that it would be interesting to look as well at some of the opportunities for investors in […]

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How to build a balanced investment portfolio

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years as a successful real estate investor, it is that it pays to balance your investments. Of course, this balance, usually achieved through diversification, means different things to different people.

Some may value the need to invest in different sectors – for example retail properties, or holiday rentals, commercial buildings or mixed use developments. Others might see it as being a question of building up a portfolio that is geographically diverse. By doing this, they’re avoiding some of the risks of putting all of their investments into one specific area that is […]

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Why Mexico’s young people are the key to its success

In Mexico’s recent economic history – in good times and in bad (of which there have been plenty) – there has been one constant and encouraging factor. I’ve spoken here before about the positive demographic trends that Mexico is experiencing, with a growing, young and dynamic group of people who I believe are the key to the country’s future growth. Almost half of its population is 25 or younger, and their dynamism and potential has, for me, been a constant cause for optimism – through changes in government and in economic fortune, the young people of Mexico have provided the […]

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Quick primer: five things you need to know before investing in Mexican real estate as a foreigner

In my long experience in the sector, it’s become clear that many real estate investments in Mexico offer a wonderful opportunity for foreign speculators. I’ve spoken here before about why I believe that the country is one of the best in the world for those investors looking to get a good return on their investment, with a vibrant young economy, a favourable regulatory environment and a huge market for rental properties in particular.

So, with this in mind, I’m often asked for my tips on investing in Mexican real estate – and I thought that I’d share here just a few […]

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The importance of relationships in business

If there is one overarching truth that I have learned over my many years in business, it’s that business is all about relationships. A quick note here – the old idea that it’s ‘not what you know, it’s who you know’ is, I think, a very narrow and unhelpful definition of what relationships and relationship building means in modern business. That phrase reeks of ‘old boy’s clubs’, exclusivity and cronyism. And that for me is the complete opposite of what business should be about.

It also distracts from the bigger truth – again, that it is healthy, constructive, mutually beneficial relationships […]

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The art of deal making

Of course, I love striking deals – after all, I wouldn’t be in the real estate investment industry if I didn’t. And over the years I’ve been involved in many, many different kinds of negotiations – some complex, some relatively straightforward. There have been a lot that I’ve been pleased with, while there are others that, on reflection, I perhaps could have improved on.

But whatever their outcome, I’ve always tried to learn from both my successes and my mistakes. For me, it’s a process of then trying to take those lessons into the next negotiation I go into, and of […]

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Should you go for long or short term real estate investments?

Over the many years I’ve been involved in real estate investment, I’ve found that it takes many different kinds of personal qualities to be a successful speculator. One of the most important, I’ve discovered, is patience. The ability to be patient, and to be able to hold your nerve is an absolutely fundamental skill, I believe, for any potential investor, in any market.
The waiting game
Why? Well, for a number of reasons. Patience is required when market conditions aren’t suitable for a particular kind of investment. Sometimes, you need to wait until economic, political or demographic changes occur and alter the […]

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The future of shopping centres

A recent article from the experts at AT Kearney makes for interesting reading – particularly for those of us in the retail real estate investment sector who are excited by rapid growth in mixed use developments. They suggest that there are still huge opportunities to be taken in the physical, bricks and mortar retail space – despite the growing power of online sales. Here’s what they have to say:

“Many observers of brick-and-mortar retail feel that shopping centres are crumbling at their foundations. But we believe that today’s world offers malls an opportunity to turn a new page. With swift and […]

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